The Lego Movie Review – Not Really Disney, But Close Enough

The Lego Movie ReviewNow you might say that the LEGO movie isn’t a Disney movie, but Disney World and Disneyland both have a LEGO store, so I’m calling an audible on this one.

The Lego Movie Review

We took the kids to see the LEGO movie today, which was interesting at least. What really brought this movie together was the twist at the end, without the twist is would have been a good kid’s movie, but nothing really for the adults.

This movie started off on shaky ground, we thought at first it was going to be a real looser, but as the movie trodden on it became increasingly interesting. There was plenty of humor throughout the movie, and most of it was stupid humor. What else you would expect from a cast that includes Chris Pratt from Parks and Recreation and Will Ferrell from movies like Anchorman 2 and The Internship. The plot was well thought out and didn’t keep you hanging. The twist was well thought out, you never saw it coming like you do in so many movies.

The animation was pretty good, they were very inventive on how they used the LEGOs to make everything in the movie. This was truly a LEGO movie. Even the ocean in the movie was made of LEGO pieces.

Overall both the adults and kids in the audience seem to like the movie. I heard both laughing throughout the movie.

One interesting thing that happened as a result of the movie, my 6 year old son loves LEGOs. The one problem we’ve had with him is that he constantly wants new kits to build. We have tried to encourage him to use his imagination and build something with the LEGOs he has and not to follow the instructions. This movie seemed to have made it all click and the first thing he did when he got home was to start creating things with his LEGOs.


Mom’s Will Like: Teaches kids to use their imagination.Good: Unexpected twist, likable characters, good story line.

Bad: Horrible start, stupid humor.

Mom’s Will Not Like: Lots of LEGO violence.

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