Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge to Open in 2 Phases – What Does That Mean?

If you’re following any of the Disney Parks news today, you’ll have seen that Disney has announced the opening of their two new Star Wars lands, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. Disneyland’s will open on May 31st, and Walt Disney World’s will open on August 28th.

What you may have missed, however, is that the opening has been split into two phases. What does that mean? The meaning is both good and bad, but we’ll start with the good.

The Good Thing About 2 Phases

The best possible news to come out of the two phase announcement is that both lands will open AHEAD of schedule! Seemingly unheard of for most Disney Parks attractions, both coasts will offer their Star Wars lands sooner than anticipated. Walt Disney World was not supposed to see the land open until “Late Fall”, but has been bumped up quite substantially to late August! Fall itself doesn’t start until September 23rd, so we’ve seen a jump of several months for the East Coast. In Disneyland, “Summer” was the only indication we received, but the land will now open on May 31st, which is several weeks before the official start of summer.

The earlier openings for both parks give everyone a chance to plan their vacations now, and either miss the end or beginning of the school year, depending on young padawans’ schedules. Disneyland’s opening is on a Tuesday the week before Memorial Day, and Walt Disney World’s is on a Thursday before Labor Day.

The Bad Thing About 2 Phases

Something happened to make the lands open in two phases, right? They wouldn’t just open part of the land and not the whole thing without a reason? What could that reason be? Easy. Construction delays. Delays on the main attraction, Star Wars Rise of the Resistance, have forced Disney’s hand into rushing the rest of the land to open, giving them time to perfect their biggest, newest ride.

What does this mean for you? If you want to be one of the first people in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge when it opens, but want to experience the entire land and all attractions, you’ll have to come back. In what seems like a win-win situation for Disney, people will still flock to the land for the grand opening of Phase 1 AND come back once Phase 2 opens, later in 2019. And if some people choose to not come for the first opening because they want to experience the land as a whole, that’s okay, too!

How Will Crowds Be?

Crowd sizes on both coasts will be unlike anything we have ever seen at a Disney Park. The unprecedented amount of anticipation has even led Disneyland to implement a new “no-cost reservation” system just to ENTER Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge (NOTE: This system will not be implemented at Hollywood Studios). Details on the system are limited, but guests will be required to make a reservation online, in addition to their park admission. Guests staying at one of the three Disneyland Resort hotels will AUTOMATICALLY receive a reservation time (one reservation per registered guest) for Galaxy’s Edge, which is a huge perk.

Guests staying at a Disneyland Resort hotel will not have access to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge during Extra Magic Hours or Magic Morning at Disneyland park. On the flip side, guests staying at a Walt Disney World hotel WILL be able to experience Galaxy’s Edge as part of Extra Magic Hours.

The last interesting tidbit Disney gave us today is that neither park will have FastPasses, at least to start. This has angered some guests, but others have said that they feel it makes it feel more “fair” to everyone stuck waiting in whats sure to be a 6 hour plus standby line for¬†Millennium Falcon:¬†Smugglers Run.What do you think about this news? Does it change your mind about wanting to come for the grand opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge? Let us know in the comments below.

Author: Spencer

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