Boardwalk Running Path At Walt Disney World

Boardwalk Running PathDisney’s Boardwalk running path is one of our favorite places to run at Walt Disney World. This magical trek starts you off at the Disney’s Boardwalk Inn, winds along Crescent Lake to EPCOT’s International Gateway. Then brings you alongside the Yacht Club, Beach Club, the Swan and Dolphin hotels then heads off toward Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Finally bringing you back to the Boardwalk.


The best place we have found to park is in the lot for Disney’s Boardwalk Inn. Sometimes they have the main lot closed, so you will need to park across the street. Note that during special events at EPCOT, like Food and Wine and Flower and Garden show the parking at the Boardwalk is very limited.

Disney Transportation

Bus service to Disney’s Boardwalk Inn is available from Downtown Disney and the theme parks.

Getting To Boardwalk Running Path

Next to self parking you will see the valet lot, if you look beyond the valet lot, to the left of the main building as you are facing it, you will see the tennis courts. Walk through the valet lot to the tennis courts. Over here you will find quick access to the running path without going through the hotel.  If you prefer to enter through the hotel, take the stairs to the right of the main entrance, this will take you down to the Boardwalk running path.   The running path is the main sidewalk that circles the lake. If you need an elevator to go down, enter the front entrance to the hotel. There are elevators to the right and left. The closest ones are to the right. After entering the rotunda, take a right, go through the passageway and then take another right.


At the end of the boarded area of the boardwalk there is some pebbled covered sidewalk, this is very slippery when it is wet.

The boards on the boardwalk can be slippery when wet, so use caution.

Quick Facts

Approximate Distance: Boardwalk running path EPCOT to Hollywood Studios 2.6 miles. Crescent Lake loop, just less than a mile.

Lighting: Well lit

Bathrooms: Hollywood Studios (to left of entry gate), Boardwalk (by pool) and EPCOT (left of entry gate)


At night the area near the Boardwalk hotel gets busy, so it might be better to double run the side by the Yacht and Beach Clubs.  Beware of the families pedaling along in the Surry Carts.  These are often inexperienced drivers and they are having so much fun they might hit you.


Low – There are three bridges, one near the Swan and two by EPCOT that are steep, other than that it is a flat run.

Best Time To Run

Early morning until 9 o’clock, when Hollywood Studios opens.


Disney Boardwalk Running Path

Alternate Runs

For a longer run you can loop through the tramway or around the parking lot at Hollywood studios. This is only available early morning, before the studios open, after guest start entering the parking lot it is far too dangerous to run in this area. In addition Cast Members will probably ask you to leave once the trams start to roll.

For a shorter run you can run around Crescent Lake. The distance is approximately 1.4 miles as shown on the map. If you just loop around the lake it is just short of 1 mile.
Disney Boardwalk Running Path Short