New Briar Rose Gold Merchandise Collection at Walt Disney World

Announced on the Disney Parks Blog, the brand-new Briar Rose Gold Collection will debut at Walt Disney World on April 1st! Inspired of course by Princess Aurora (aka Briar Rose) from Sleeping Beauty.

You’ll be able to find Minnie Mouse ear headbands, Spirit Jerseys, and a tumbler when the collection debuts. “The Briar Rose Gold Collection is the latest in a line of fun colors inspired by hot fashion trends, like rose gold, millennial pink and Potion Purple.”

It is worth noting that the new Briar Rose Gold collection will replace the current Rose Gold ears and spirit jerseys in the parks. The current line is slightly brighter pink (see photo below).

A young man and woman show off the Disneyland and Walt Disney World Rose Gold Spirit Jerseys and ears.
The current line of Rose Gold products will be discontinued. (c) Disney Style

Author: Spencer

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