Mr. Walt Disney Changed Central Florida Forever

You know you are a Disney lover when, the site of an old newspaper article with news of Disney’s announcement to move to your home state and the town you currently live in, makes your day just a little brighter.


Walt Disney Announces Moving To Florida


In a little town called Winter Garden Florida, in 1965, it was announced what would happen to the mysterious 27,000-acre plot of land.  This land had secretly been acquired just south of the sleepy little town of Winter Garden.  Walt Disney held a conference in November with local Florida leaders.  He gave general plans for the project that would completely transform the entire Central Florida area.  It is my belief that even Mr. Walt Disney did not fathom how far reaching his dream would go and how many lives he would touch and change.  This little town of Winter Garden is my home town and I am proud to be so close to this “Magical Kingdom.”

by Lynda


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