FastPass Plus At Walt Disney World

FastPass+ is a system where by you can schedule your FastPass by using My Disney Experience or through a kiosk located throughout the theme parks.


FastPass plus is a replacement for the old FastPass system. The FastPass system gives park attendees the ability to go to a ride, swipe their ticket and receive a pass that will allow the rider to go to the head of the line during a one hour reservation period. For example you may want to ride Thunder Mountain, but when you get there the line is 70 minutes long. So you take your ticket over to the FastPass kiosk, which scans your ticket and gives you a FastPass good for 2 hours from now. During that one hour window you can come back and may only have a 10 minute wait even though everyone else has waited in line for 70 minutes. With the FastPass system you can only get a FastPass every two hours or when the reservation windows on the last FastPass you receive starts, whichever happens first.

With FastPass+, you are given three reservations per day. You can use these reservations for rides, character greetings, shows, parades and fireworks. You can make your reservations up to 60 days prior to your arrival. You can make them using the My Disney Experience app or online. These reservations are the same as a regular FastPass, except that you can pre-schedule them.

When using FastPass+, you must make all your reservations in the same park and you are limited as to what you can use them for. There are Primary rides and Secondary rides. The Primary rides are the more popular rides. When making your reservation for the day, you must use all three reservations at that time. You must choose one Primary ride and two secondary rides. For example, at Hollywood Studios, you might choose Toy Story as your primary ride and Little Mermaid and Disney Junior as your secondary rides, but you must choose something for all three slots. You can later change them if you would like.

Once you pick your rides, the computer gives you several choices to fill your ride requests. For example option A may be Toy Story at 10 am – 11 am, Little Mermaid at 12:10 – 1:10 and Disney Junior at 2:30. Then option B may be Toy Story at 1:00 – 2:00, Little Mermaid at 3:00 – 4:00 and Disney Junior at 5:10. Then there will also be an option C. You can pick between the three options. You cannot customize beyond the three options. The computer picks the slots.

Kiosk Tips: 

1. Have all of the MagicBands or tickets or each member of the party you are getting FastPass+ reservations for when getting in line. You will need all of them.

2. The Kiosks in front of the park have the longest lines, as well as the ones in open areas. Search for a kiosk that has a short line before waiting in the long lines. For example, when you first walk in EPCOT there is a set of kiosks by the pin trading booth which normally has a huge line, but about 500 feet away in the Innovations breezeways (both sides) are kiosks that normally do not have long lines.

3. Try to schedule your FastPass+ reservations prior to coming to the park or through the My Disney Experience app so you do not have to wait in the long lines.

4. You can only use the kiosks in a theme park to schedule reservations for that park. For instance, the kiosks in EPCOT only work for EPCOT rides.

How Much is FastPass Plus?

FastPass+ is free and is now available for all guests.

How many FastPass+ reservations do I get?

3 per day of theme park admission. If you buy a 3 day park hopper ticket, you would get 9 FastPass Plus reservations to use throughout your stay. All three MUST be used in the same park.

Can I change my FastPass Plus reservations?

Yes, just visit My Disney Experience or one of the kiosks throughout the theme parks.

Do I get a ticket that holds my FastPass+ reservations?

No, you use your MagicBand or theme park ticket.