Imagineer Dave Minichiello talks about the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train in the New Fantasyland

Seven Dwarfs Mine Ride Opening Spring 2014Dave Minichiello is the Creative Director of the Seven Dwarf’s Mine Train in the New Fantasyland area of the Magic Kingdom. He sat down with Jenn Fickley-Baker to have a live blog about the train’s progress. Mr Minichiello started off on the Voyage of the Little Mermaid ride and is now working this project through completion.

Seven Dwarfs Be Our GuestHe gave a few brief updates: The Dwarf’s Cottage and rock work are nearly finished. The forest which the train will ride through is in the process of being planted. The props throughout the attraction are being put in place.

Viveen, a reader asked “Why was the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train ride idea chosen?” “I think when we were looking at New Fantasyland and trying to create a mix of attractions that would offer a broad variety of experiences for our guests; we were looking for a family coaster type of experience. That led us to Snow White and a Mine Train type of vehicle. As a centerpiece of the New Fantasyland expansion, we also thought that this type of experience would create kinetic energy throughout the land” states Dave.

Seven Dwarfs Mine Ride BridgeTalking about how they decide what kind of attraction to build, he says that they start off by deciding what kind of experience they want to create, then develop the story and finally build the ride around the story. This experience tells the Snow White story from the Dwarfs’ perspective. “This attraction gave us an opportunity to go in depth with other story lines in the movie,” states Dave.

When asked by reader Michael “Will all major characters make an appearance in the ride? The Prince, Evil Queen, Snow White, etc.?” Mr Minichiello was not willing to give any details.

What gives this coaster its uniqueness is the innovative ride system that gives the guest an experience unlike any other throughout the parks. We will be able to explore the Dwarfs’ mine like we have never been able to before. The ride is pretty smooth while giving you the sensation of pivoting back and forth. “You feel differences in the various terrains around the mountain,” Dave continues.

Installing The Seven Dwarfs Mine Cars

When asked what kind of views you will have from the ride. Dave stated, “This is an attraction that has as many amazing views on board as off. From the very beginning, we wanted to showcase those sight-lines and see Storybook Circus, a little bit of Mermaid, then we head inside the mine to see the Dwarfs, you come out and see Prince Eric’s Castle, and an amazing view of Cinderella’s Castle. At our highest lift, you see Prince Eric’s Castle, Beast’s Castle and Cinderella’s Castle, so the views are spectacular.”

Each of the cars are custom designed and painted for this ride. Check out this video which takes a behind the scenes look at their creation.

During the dark part of the ride, the train slows down for you to get a closer look at your favorite Dwarf. But look closer, as there are some hidden treasures for you to find.

When asked how many diamonds are in the mine, Dave sings “The mine where a million diamonds shine!”

Seven  Dwarfs Mine Ride DetailsThe queue music is all instrumental and designed to feel like it was played by the Dwarfs. There is a surprise song from a film entitled “Music In Your Soup” that is interlaced with other well know songs.

In the interactive queue guest will not only be able to see some footage of the original Snow White movie, but will also be able to “wash gems.”

The ride will be part of the Fastpass+ system.

Height restriction is 38”

Opening date: Spring

We hope you are as excited as we are to ride with the Seven Dwarfs this spring as we dive behind the story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Seven Dwarfs Mine Ride

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