Baby Giraffe, Jabari, Joins Kilimanjaro Safari at Animal Kingdom


Spring is right around the corner, although it might not feel like it in some parts of the country! Personally, my favorite part of spring is all the baby animals, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom is no exception!

Jabari, a male Masai giraffe calf, was born on January 14th on the Kilimajaro Safari in view of guests. Shortly after, he and his mother, Mara, were moved to a backstage habitat for several months to bond. Now both Jabari and Mara are back on the reserve and have joined the rest of the giraffe herd!


Jabari means “brave one” in Swahili, and his name has extra significance because of who gave it to him. Usually the animal care team is given the honor of naming baby animals, but for Jabari the honor was given to the drivers of the Kilimanjaro Safari.

Check out the video by Disney Parks below to see Jabari running around the Harambe Reserve at Disney’s Animal Kingdom!

Author: Spencer

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